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Questions & Answers

To the right, we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

Is your question or answer not listed?
Please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

It is advised to bring enough cash to the fair.


  • All coats and bags may be checked
  • The staff is authorized to confiscate goods if necessary
  • You must be able to provide identification, should you be asked for it
  • Bags are allowed, provided they are smaller than A4 size
  • It is not permitted to bring backpacks, suitcases, trolleys, shopping bags and laptop bags

House Rules

  • We ask that you donate your trash in the bins
  • Stay on the paths of the grounds
  • It is not allowed to climb on anything
  • Photography permitted, not for commercial use
  • Drones are prohibited throughout the grounds
  • Dogs are allowed if leashed
  • Keep a close eye on your children at the many water features
  • Bicycles, mopeds and cars are forbidden
  • Instructions from personnel should be followed

Also read the house rules and visiting conditions of Castle de Haar.


Bring plenty of cash! Very sometimes the range in the field is not what it should be. Enough cash prevents waiting. Very convenient. We greatly look forward to seeing you. What are you looking for?

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Jumbo action

Note!: discounted admission to the castle is not valid during the fair. This applies to tickets purchased through Jumbo Dagjes Weg, ANWB, GetYourGuide and other providers. Use of Museum Year Card, Friends Lottery VIP card and a Postcode Loterij discount voucher are also not applicable.

Demand tickets 2020 / 2021

We indicated at the time that we would be able to forward your tickets.
However, it turned out that behind the scenes, per order, this would involve an awful lot of manual work.

At the end of April, I decided to refund everyone their money and to start with a clean slate this year.

We informed everyone about this in an e-mail at the beginning of May.
Now you may have overlooked this.


  • did you order with us or with ANWB.
  • the payment took place around May 7, 2022 via Mollie Payments
  • The account number you used to pay is known to us and the purchase amount has been refunded to this account number, you did not have to do anything

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hoping to have informed you sufficiently.

Where can I ask on-site questions about the event?

At the entrance, to the right after ticket control is the Information Desk.

What if the fair cannot take place & tickets purchased

If we are forced to cancel the Country & Christmas Fair, we will communicate this via our site and FB. Purchased tickets will remain valid for the next edition.
We do not give refunds for tickets already paid for.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed if leashed.


Are there disabled toilets available?

Yes, there is a disabled toilet at the entrance and centrally on the grounds.

Are wheelchairs available?

Unfortunately there is no wheelchair available, you must bring your own. Parking with a disabled parking pass please report to the traffic controllers.

Are there special disabled parking spaces?

Yes, at the entrance to the fair upon presentation of an official parking pass. Traffic and parking controllers available.

Are children up to age 11 allowed in for free?

Children up to 11 years of age may enter for free and children from 12 to 16 must purchase a ticket for €11.00.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?

The paths in the garden are all paved. However, some of them are gravel and therefore unfortunately not everywhere wheelchair friendly.
It is unfortunately not possible to enter the small stands with a wheelchair, due to the level difference between paths and tent floors.

Are there traffic controllers present?

Yes, you will be escorted by traffic and parking controllers. During the event, normal traffic regulations are in effect and traffic and parking controllers will give directions.

Is there enough parking?

Yes, in principle there is parking available on the meadows next to Castle de Haar.

As of 2018, the parking lot is no longer managed by Castle de Haar, but by Inventive Events itself.

Before visiting the Country & Christmas Fair we advise you to check this website or facebook page of the Country And Christmas Fair or the website of Castle de Haar to see which parking facilities you can use.

The €10 parking pass is only available online.

Will the event continue in the event of inclement weather?

Yes, at all times the event will go on, even in high winds, rain and snow.

Can I visit the fair with a large group?

Yes, groups over 20 people can contact Inventive event organization and ask about the group discount*.

E. [email protected]

Is there a first aid station on site?

Yes, there will be a first aid station on all days.

Are there ATMs on site?

ATTENTION! It is advisable to bring CONTANT money in addition to your debit card , when it is busy the network is often overloaded which unfortunately causes interference.


At the first aid booth, you can quietly change and feed your baby.

Is photography or filming allowed?

Yes, except when film, image, or sound material is used for commercial purposes. Photography for commercial purposes and with a tripod is not permitted. This is only possible by submitting a written request to Inventive event organization.

Is there camera surveillance?

A video surveillance system is operational at Castle de Haar. Visitors agree that video recordings can be made of them. The potential visitor will be informed before entering the ensemble Kasteel de Haar that this measure is in force. Camera images will be kept for a period to be determined by Castle de Haar and will be made available to the police if necessary.

Castle visit during the Country Christmas Fair?

Tickets to the fair are separate from a castle visit.

You can sign up on the day for, a walk through the castle, at the castle’s main entrance.
The castle is open daily during the fair from noon to 4 p.m.

Days & times edition 2022

The Country & Christmas Fair always takes place the last week of November:

DINSDAG22 november10.00 - 22.00 uur
WOENSDAG23 november10.00 - 22.00 uur
DONDERDAG24 november10.00 - 22.00 uur
VRIJDAG25 november10.00 - 22.00 uur
ZATERDAG26 november10.00 - 22.00 uur
ZONDAG27 november10:00 - 18.00 uur

Route and parking

Amsterdam (A-2)

Exit 5 Breukelen, follow Kockengen and then Haarzuilens.
Follow the signs ‘Event Kasteel de Haar’.

The Hague (A-12)

Exit 15 De Meern, turn left at the traffic lights, go under the viaduct and turn left towards Follow the signs ‘Event Kasteel de Haar’.

Arnhem / Rotterdam (A-12), Den Bosch (A-2)

Drive in the direction of The Hague (A-12) and take exit 15 De Meern.
Turn left at the traffic lights, go under the viaduct and turn left towards Vleuten.
Follow the signs ‘Event Kasteel de Haar’.


In principle, parking is available in the meadows next to Castle de Haar. If the weather conditions are (or have been) such that these meadows are no longer accessible, we will divert to a parking lot in the vicinity.

As of 2018, the parking lot is no longer managed by Castle de Haar, but by Inventive Events itself.

We recommend that before visiting the Country & Christmas Fair you keep an eye on this website, the Country And Christmas Fair facebook page or the ANWB website to see which parking facilities you can use.

The €10 parking pass is only available online and bring printed out.

Kasteel de Haar

Kasteellaan 1
3455 RR Haarzuilens (near Utrecht)
Navigation address; Parkweg.

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